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Looking for Sports Talk? A Short Read on martial arts legend Bruce Lee, or his son Brandon Lee? A fun place to visit for some Road Trip Travels? Maybe some Movies N’ Music entertainment? How about ALL this in one website?

Random Niches is intended for readers who want variety and like reading on multiple topics. Sometimes you know what you want to read, sometimes you’re not so sure. Sometimes you’re in the mood to read something random and varied.

Are you in the mood for some short story romance? Did you know Bruce Lee was a ballroom dance champ? Want to know about who sings the theme song from the beloved movie The Princess Bride? Random Niches gives you plenty to choose from!

*** NOTE: All articles and short stories on this site were/are written by Erick Sosa. ***

About the Writer:

“Eternal Optimist, Unsuccessful Realist, Wanderlust Enthusiast, Broken Romanticist, Writer & Lyricist.”

Erick Sosa is a freelance writer and website administrator/content manager from Chicago. His experience includes building WordPress websites, email marketing, SEO/SEM, copywriting, and content writing. In addition to running RandomNiches.com, Erick is a writer/editor for WholisticLotusPathways.com and is the Content Manager for AJokeADay.com.

In his spare time he enjoys creative writing, acting/theatre, 1-2 day road trips, ballroom dancing, and is a lifelong basketball and wrestling fan.

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