Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat: Ode to 2023 NBA Finals

2023 NBA Finals: Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat

The Nuggets and the Heat, have made it all the way

The NBA Finals are here, they tip-off today.

Denver is #1, Miami is #8

Is this the year of Jimmy Butler, or is a ring not in his fate?

Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray too

The Nuggets are deep y’all, they make all their 3’s and 2’s.

The Heat are underdogs, but there’s a (Tyler) Herro in sight

The word is he’s playing, they’re gonna need him alright.

Spoelstra’s the man, some call him the best coach

The guy on the other side, that’s Mr. Michael (Don’t call me Mike) Malone.

Strus, Martin, Vincent, and Robinson make up the Heat supporting cast

Let’s not forget Kevin Love and Kyle Lowry, they are veteran champs.

Denver has size with Gordon and Porter upfront

You fall asleep on those two, and we’ll be seeing some sweet dunks.

There’s Bruce Brown playing guard, a Jeff Green sighting too

With the holy man on their side, that’s Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, to you.

Nikola Jokić and Jimmy Butler are two of my favorite five

I can’t choose between them, so can I hope for a tie?

Should I choose the team that’s been solid since Day 1

Or ride with the squad that just seems to be having fun.

Denver Nuggets in six, or the Miami Heat in seven

If they go back and forth, let them play to eleven.

It’s time to ball, time to hoop, time to leave it all on the court

The NBA Finals are here, oh how I love this sport!

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