Hit the Road and Make Your Way To Canon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock at Canon Beach, Oregon

If you ever find yourself roaming the lands of the Pacific Northwest, do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on Canon Beach, Oregon! Located approximately 80 miles from downtown Portland, Canon Beach is a hidden gem located towards the upper Northwest corner of Oregon, right along the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s start with the picturesque Haystack Rock (featured image), which might be what Canon Beach is most known for. Per the National Parks Service website:

“Haystack Rock is an irregular basalt formation that was first created some 17 million years ago as lava flowed through the old Columbia River drainage system and intruded into soft marine sediments. Erosion and geologic uplift eventually revealed it and the many other large stone formations along the coast.”

This Rock (not to be confused with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – though both are huge, chiseled formations of solid mass) towers 235 feet, or 72 meters, above the shoreline. Haystack Rock is a sight to be seen at all times of the day, but if you’re able to make it for sunrise or sunset, it’s highly recommended.

(photo credit: Keith Cuddeback at flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0])

Haystack Rock is a wonder to be seen, no doubt about it, but that’s not all this quiet small town of Canon Beach has to offer. It offers plenty of art galleries for the art lovers, they have a brewery for the ‘brew’ lovers, nearby Hug Point beach which features a sea cave and a waterfall, and there’s plenty of places to do some downtown shopping!

Whether you’re looking for lodging with a oceanside view, a place to park your RV, or a campground to pitch your tent, you’ll have plenty of options for ‘where to stay.’

For more information on Canon Beach, Oregon, such as what to do, where to go, upcoming events, etc., you can visit their site directly at cannonbeach.org.

(photo source: cannonbeach.org)

The Pacific Northwest corner of the United States is known for its outdoor and natural beauty, and there is plenty to see and do while you’re there. So next time you’re ready to hit the road, whether you’re coming from California, Texas, Wisconsin, or North Carolina, plan your way to the Pacific Northwest, include (at least) one stop in Oregon, and make your way to Canon Beach!

[Featured Image Source: National Parks Service]

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