Christmas 2022: Ode to the NBA

NBA on Christmas Day

It’s December Twenty Fifth, Christmas Day,
Five games on the docket, a gift from the NBA.
With All-Star players born here and abroad,
It’s time for matchups that are playoff strong.

Starring Luka, Lebron, Steph, and Jayson too,
Not to mention Giannis, Nikola, and that CP3 dude.
Let’s not forget there’s a Joel, a Jalen, and a high flying Ja Morant,
Get hyped, get ready, go get yourself set.

The 76ers and Knicks start us off with a blast,
Coming off 21 assists, we know that James Harden guy can pass.
With the Lakers and Mavericks you can count on one thing,
They’ll be jacking up threes, hoping & praying a few go in.

1 vs 2, in Game #3,
The Bucks vs. Celtics, it’s just ‘Too Sweeeeeet!’
Grizzlies and Warriors both like to play small,
Unless Steven Adams is in the game, that’s the NBA’s Aquaman, y’all.

Suns and Nuggets will be tipping off late,
Check out my man Bones Hyland, whose shot is as smooth as his name.
He dribbles, he shoots, he scores… what more is there to say?
Sit back, relax, and watch, The NBA on Christmas Day!

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