COMPROMISED: One Word Describes the Government We Have and the One We Need

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the word COMPROMISED has the following definitions:

  1. impaired or diminished in function weakened, damaged, or flawed
  2. exposed to suspicion or discredit : revealed as or suspected of being disreputable, untrustworthy, etc.
  3. to come to agreement by mutual concession
  4. to adjust or settle by mutual concessions

When I look at these definitions, I see a perfect description of the current government that we have and of the government that we need. Our current government is damaged, flawed, and divided. A government is meant to protect and look out for the best interests of ALL their citizens, not just the rich, not just the powerful corporations, not just the ones that match a certain color of skin or gender. There was a time when it seemed that whether Democrat or Republican, the goal was to help as many people as possible. There are days, it seems, when ‘we the people’ don’t even matter anymore. We are merely pawns that are used when it’s convenient. It’s no longer about helping as many as they can, it’s more about keeping the political party donors happy. It’s about bending over backwards for them so the money keeps coming in. It’s about playing nice with the lobbyists who can help you get re-elected, even if that alienates those who you should be representing.

The real problem isn’t that we have two major political parties. The problem is who is influencing these two parties. Whose interests are really being looked out for?  

Now let’s look at the latter two definitions of the word compromised… to come to agreement or settle by mutual concessions. This current divide that is getting worse and getting uglier by the day will not be solved unless BOTH sides are willing to concede. We have to meet halfway. We have to lessen the amount of hypocrisy that is being shown by many of those in power. It’s time to start holding both sides accountable. Some issues take forever to be addressed by our government, some seem to go right to the front and quickly too. When the opposing party does something you don’t like, you’re quick to cry foul! But then you turn right around and do the same thing, but now it’s different. If it’s wrong when THEY do it, then it’s wrong when YOU do it. Point blank.

This is no longer about being Republican, Democrat, or Independent. This is about finding the best possible compromise that benefits our country as a whole, not individually. That responsibility falls on everyone too! We can’t expect to ALWAYS get our way. That’s never been the intent and that will never be possible. There is no perfect system, no perfect government in which everyone will be happy all the time. We all have to concede… concede ego and pride in order to achieve resolution and calm.

It’s time to trade in one COMPROMISED Government for a different COMPROMISED Government…

It’s time to trade conflict and civil unrest for peace and less divide…

It’s time to go from diminished in function and weakened by separation, to strengthened and empowered by Agreement and Unity…

Let’s be done with the talk…

Let’s be more with the action.

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